Grim Reaper

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Grim Reaper

Card info

Title: Grim Reaper

When the Grim Reaper lands on your character, you must roll 1 die:

  1. 'It is time.' Lose all lives, you are killed.
  2. 'I'm here for that one.' One of your Followers, determined at random, must be discarded. If you have no Followers, you lose 1 life instead.
  3. 'Dice with me!' Roll 2 dice for yourself and 2 dice for the Grim Reaper. If the Grim Reaper's result is higher, you lose 1 life. Otherwise, there is no effect.
  4. 'A game of chess?' Miss your next turn.
  5. 'There has been a mistake!' The Grim Reaper teleports to the character of your choice, who must immediately roll 1 die on this chart.
  6. 'I have plans for you.' You may choose to gain either 1 Strength, Craft, life, gold, Spell, or fate, or teleport to any other space in this Region as your next move.

Copies of this Card: 1 ( 1 in The Reaper Expansion; )