Judgement Day

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Judgement Day

Card info

Title: Judgement Day

Variant: Standard

Ending Rules

  • Starting with the character who entered the Crown of Command and continuing clockwise, each character must take 1 fate from the stockpile and place it on this card (when a character places his fate, he must choose if the token reveals its light or dark side). Then the character who entered the Crown of Command rolls 1 die. Add 1 to the result for each light fate and subtract 1 from the result for each dark fate (to a minimum of 1):
1) No character is deemed worthy; discard this card and encounter the Crown of Command normally.
2-3) You are deemed unworthy; you are killed!
4-5) All characters with the same alignment as you are judged worthy and win the game!
6+) You have been judged worthy; you win the game!

Copies of this Card: 1 ( 1 in The Sacred Pool Expansion; )